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Advanced Player Scores

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Weekly Cheat Sheets!

Weekly Cheat Sheet

Everything you need to prepare for your upcoming contest!

Projections, value analysis, matchups, player form, points against and more...

Points Against

By position analysis to see how many points each team gives up to Backs, Mids, Fwds & Rucks. Also includes Top 3 & Bottom 3 splits for a deeper analysis.

Player Scores Against

Go even deeper! View all the individual player scores conceded by a team:


Review the previous tagging behavior of teams to identify any players that should be avoided.

Strength of Schedule

Identify the ease / difficulty of each team's upcoming matchups.

For season long AFL Fantasy competitions.

NEW FEATURES! Ruck Analysis

Research in depth which ruckman to target / avoid in your upcoming contests. Also useful for identifying how each ruck performs as a solo / dual ruck.

Click on the match below for single game cheat sheets.

Points Against Weekly +/-

Review all points against data by round. This is your in-between resource for Points Against and Scores Against.

Centre Bounce Attendances (CBA's)

Identify which players are spending time "on the ball" for their teams.

A great way to find trends in playing roles.

NEW! Kick-Ins

See which players are getting the opportunity for free fantasy points by how many Kick-ins they take each week.