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Mid-Autumn Festiva
Mid-Autumn Festival is an ancient festival in China. It is a good day for people and men to reunite. This day, the clouds are rare, the moon is exceptionally round, and people gather together to enjoy the reunion dinner. The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming again. It��s not only the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also the day when the new building is built. It��s really a double happiness! I��m going to have a Mid-Autumn Festival reunion dinner in the evening. I��m in a round moon, like a big jade plate, moonlight bright and bright. Look at the beautiful moon! I suddenly remembered the story of the moon and the moon, and I saw that I was holding a white snowy rabbit and waving to us in the moon... Suddenly, my ear Resounding a song - "Water Melody", the song is melodious and mellow: people have joys and sorrows, and there is a lack of gloom in the moon. This is an ancient and difficult thing. I hope that people will live for a long time, and they will go to the hotel. In the hotel, this beautiful song is being placed, which makes the Mid-Autumn Festival more intense. I saw that my aunt was entertaining the guests, and she was too busy. The cousin who had to go to work had also come back from the company. The grandparents were talking happily with others, and they were happy to be together. The whole scene made people feel very warm. . When they saw us, they all called us to sit down. I have seen a few times with my older brothers and sisters in a year. This meeting made us happy! "I haven't seen you for a long time, how have you been in the past? Have you ever thought about me?" The cousin asked questions and never ended. It is. Here, my grandfather asked me again: "Is it good to learn Cigarettes For Sale, is there a first one? After the holiday Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I have to play!" The friendly words of the relatives made me feel warm. "It��s good to have family!" Thought. After a while, the guests were all there, and they started to serve. A plate of dishes was brought up one after another. The dishes were varied and varied. Sometimes, my mother would help me with food. Sometimes, my cousin would help me. Pour the drink, Grandma will... From these delicious dishes, what I eat is the warmth of family. At this time, he and his cousin came over with a glass of wine. They had to have a drink with the people who would drink. The uncle took a cup of wine and stood up. When he said a blessing, he drank the wine and everyone It��s good to have a quart of alcohol. It��s my father��s drink. Dad��s drinking is not at all. I didn��t want to drink at first. In the end, I was forced to drink, but I just finished drinking it for a while, and my face changed. I got red, lived like a monkey, and made us laugh at the big reunion dinner. I walked out of the hotel and looked up at the night sky. The moon is still the same. I thought: I don��t know if the wanderers in the world are also reunited with their relatives. I wish them all a happy reunion with their families. The warmth of family is in the middle of the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th. In the morning, my grandfather went to the streets to buy meat. The grandmother washed the greens with crispy green and crispy green. A lot of flour is ready to make big cakes. I first learned the grandfather's appearance, took out a big fist group, and threw it into the sesame bowl. I fell a few times and took it out. It is a big flower face that is full of pockmarks. Then I have to wrap the vegetables. I first knead the flour dough into an oblate shape, then put some green vegetables and some minced meat into it Online Cigarettes, but I can blame my food too much. The last step is to fry. Big cake! I poured some oil into the pot, and suddenly the oil in the pot screamed. I just took the cake and went to the pot. The oil suddenly exploded. Fortunately, I hid fast, otherwise I still didn't. Know how bad it will be! I threw the cake into the pot and slowly pressed it into a round. I know that there is a place where there are too many dishes. I used a piece of oil in the filling to make it out. I rushed back and could still be shot. bingo. I held back the local pain on my arm and continued the pancake After I spent a lot of effort, I finally finished the cake. When I put this shiny, fragrant cake to the grandmother, she had already laughed and closed her mouth. Then, I separately gave my father, mother, and grandfather a round sizzling big cake in the evening. When a full moon rose from the east, our family would eat cakes and eat moon cakes around the table... Everyone is talking and laughing, very happy. After dinner, I became a photographer again, let my grandfather sing, and my grandmother sang, not to see that they are all sixty people, but they can sing and sing. By the way, I quietly told everyone that my grandmother was an actor when she was young! There are several operas, she is still very good at it, such as "Double Pushing", "Pull Orchid", "Pearl Tower"... and my grandfather used to sing in the army before, so many famous military songs, he can come to two sentences. . I, while enjoying their masterpieces Newport Cigarettes, filmed the highlights. After a few songs, everyone was tired, so I sat on the sofa and chatted on the moon. It was really fun! Although the Mid-Autumn Festival��s moon has quietly left me for many days, the Mid-Autumn Festival��s romantic family is still in my heart. Many people think that the Mid-Autumn Festival is only full of romance with flowers, flowers and moon. The color matter is related, but I don��t know. In fact, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a day to remember the ancestors and honor the elders. Today, I have spent such a festival full of deep affection in the morning, when many people still rely on the bed. When I enjoyed this rare lax, my mother woke me up. On this day, we are going to the grandparents' family to worship the ancestors, and we have to go back to our homes to worship the grandfather, and we will help you prepare for the moon's offerings at night. I also shoulder the task of an active atmosphere, letting the sorrow out of the sad shadow of losing my grandfather. My mother first sent me to my grandparents' house, and when I was having lunch with my grandparents, I came to my house. Because the grandfather passed away, the lonely beggar often washes his face with tears. In the festive season, I think, I will definitely miss the late grandfather, seeing the sadness on my face, m
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