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MLB The Show 19 keys in on minor improvements
This year MLB The Show 19 looks better than ever. It features more realistic ball physics, allowing the ball to travel off the bat in a more natural way. You can really feel when you hit the ball, making batting a pleasure, especially when you line one up perfectly and smash it out of the park. You can also customize your batting stance this year, with nearly limitless potential. There aren't a lot of major changes when it comes to gameplay or visuals from last year game. But, considering the franchise is one of the best simulations on the sports video game market, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, MLB The Show 19 keys in on minor improvements, and it's pretty successful in that regard. 

The biggest change in MLB The Show 19 seems to be in the batter box. In the past, I’ve found MLB The Show to be unforgiving when it comes to hitting often making me just switch to playing the game as a pitcher in Road to the Show. This year though I found that there’s just a little more give in hitting. Part of that seems to be a much-improved animation system with hitting. Because of the sheer customizability of the controls, there isn’t time to go in depth into all of the different ways you can control your team, with many of the interfaces being longstanding staples of the series. You can opt to play MLB The Show 18 as a realistic baseball sim, or a classic arcade game without as much pressure to hit perfect timing with pitching or batting. 

Franchise mode will present you with critical situations, like a clutch at bat during the playoffs or a game against a division rival, that will more or less define your organization. More hands-on general managers will appreciate getting some play time to take their mind off the looming trade deadline. No issue has troubled The Show over the years more than its servers. Last year alone MLB The Show 18 struggled not for days, or even weeks, but for months with serious problems that ranged from online-connected modes being unreachable to results from games never being recorded.

Most modes have been improved including Diamond Dynasty, Franchise and Road to the Show. Franchise mode has had its tedious menu system overhauled in favour of phases, which allows each manager to do their part during 19 distinct periods during the baseball season. Gameplay takes a step forward in fluidity and realism, most notably with the improved ball physics. The flight paths and bounces from batted balls feel more authentic this year, making it a more enjoyable experience to rip liners down the baseline, crush ding dongs into the upper deck or just poke a little blooper over the infielders heads. 

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It is good that MLB has made some changes in the show. The prices for this event are definitely more this year. It will be very interesting to see what the improvements really are.

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