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After half a year of
After half a year of graduation, the first time I talked with my roommates so much in the group, everyone came to me to share the interesting things around me, the trivial work and the emotional life. I am a little lucky to live in a small city compared to those in a big city. A work of your favorite words, a decent wage, no pressure for survival and performance, have a lot of time to do what you like, and three or two friends around you can gather together when you have time Lights Cigarette. As roommate cc said, in a city, as long as there are relatives and friends, there is a sense of belonging, will not be attacked by loneliness and emptiness in the middle of the night, will not feel that they are an island in a big city, will not I feel that I am superfluous by someone��s kindness. After all, I still like small cities, slow life, if there is anything unsatisfactory, there is probably only one missing you. When I went home on New Year's Day, I was asked by my mother if I was making a boyfriend. I said that aunt next door had a blind man who wanted to introduce it to me Wholesale Ciggarettes. People were working in the city's finance bureau. I am helpless, just smiled and said Cigarette Wholesale Price, Mom, let me play for a few more years. Unconsciously, I also arrived at the age of marriage. Just, for the other half, I am very upset. I don't want to find a marriage partner who is only good in all aspects and I don't like it. I don't want to explain it to myself, and live the life of the tea housewife. I still have many places to go, and many things I want to do are not completed. I feel that I am shackled when I enter a marriage. I will completely lose my freedom, so I am afraid. I am even more afraid that I am afraid that I will not meet a good person. I am miserable for this life; I am more eager to wait for me in front of me as a quality lover and give me the gentlest care. As Hu Xinger said, in the right person, treat you like a child. I know that every girl has had an illusion about her other half. I don't know what a good lover is in your eyes. I don't expect him to be blind, how rich the material is, but because of him. Talk, his work, his vision and his chest. He can be my lover, a mentor, or a friend. Two cans of beer can be talked for a long time. In the same way, as I expected, he will certainly look forward to me. I am working hard and trying to become a better self. I am under the pressure of my elders, my friends�� advice, and I don��t want to spend the best Marlboro Red Shorts Carton. I only meet you later, and the rest of my life is you. On the days that you have not yet arrived, I will still live the wonderful two people.e God has given us, our life is short-lived, only dreams can break through the limited space of life, only dreams can shake the garden of life, only dreams can be fireworks. It is undeniable that we will eventually put in a scorpion Cartons Of Newport 100S. Before we put it in the scorpion, the moment we look back, it seems that the only dream is to understand your smile and regret. Color, go unrestrained; just put the cold on the years, to squeeze into a burning fire, to crystallize the windy bones. If you are full of bloom and full bloom, the butterfly of the life will fly.

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